Final and real prices about the prices of our services are ONLY in this page. Prices found in other websites may not be real. If you have found different information about our services we would be thankful if you informed us about it.

Thanks in advance!
Kalniaus Sodyba team.

Prices for activities with horses. Everything must be agreed in advance!

Duration Horses People Price
Photoshoot with our photographer 1h. 1 1-2 from 90€
Horse rent for a photoshoot 1h. 1 up to 2 from 50€
Photoshoot with a freisian by the sea 1h up to 2 negotiated from 200€
Horse riding 45min 1 1 30€
Horse riding for two 45min 2 2 60€
Horse riding with a change 45min 1 up to 4 30€
Horse riding by the sea 45min 1 1 from 150€
Riding membership 5 times 1 90€
Riding membership 10 times 1 150€
Ride with a tourist carriage 1h up to 6 90€
Ride with a wedding carriage (in our city) 1h 2 negotiated
Ride with a wedding carriage 2 negotiated
Horse trial rides from 3h up to 7 days from 3 up to 8 negotiated
Hypotherapy 1 1 negotiated
Sessions Session duration People Price
Apitherapy 1 60min 1 25€
Apitherapy 5 60min 1 100€
Apitherapy 10 60min 1 120€
Apitherapy 1 60min 4 100€

It is recommended to at least have 3 sessions to start feeling the benefits.

Duration Price
Boat rental 60min 5€
Boat rental 5h 10€
Boat rental A day 20€
Duration Price
Fishing in our private pond
(you can take 5kg of fish)
a day 30€
Fishing in the lake free
Fish processing negotiated
Fish processing and smoking negotiated
Fishing rod a day 4€/unit.
Fishing net a day 3€/unit.
Additional 1kg of fish 4€
Boat rental for lake 5 h. 10€
Boat rental for lake a day 20€
Distance Time  Price
Forest therapy 5km 5h 15€
Time       Price Extra hour
Sauna 2 h 75€ 20€
Tub 4 h 100€

*We apply discounts to the residents of the homestead

Quantity Price
Gazebo 3h (up to 20 people) 20 150€
Extra person in gazebo 1 5€
Firewood 5€
Flamable liquid 5€
Coal 5€
Pet negotiated
Additional people 1 15€
Excursion around the homestead 1 5€
Other requests not in order negotiated