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Apitherapy is a unique way to get rid of stress

It is a unique way to get rid of stress, to calm down, and balance your thoughts, emotions while lying in a special house with thousands of bees buzzing underneath you. It not only calms, but restores damaged bio fields, strengthens the immune system, balances the nervous system, endocrine system, improves blood circulation and helps people with breathing disorders! It’s perfectly safe if you don’t have direct contact with bees, and the hut is designed to reach you with micro-vibrations, scents and heat emitted by the bees. Under each bed three families of bees that live a lifetime and collect honey in small hives and ascend are arranged. In one bee family there can live about 50-60 thousand bees, and on one bed buzz hundreds of thousands of bee workers. During the therapy the psycho-emotional state of a person recovers, which increases productivity, strengthens the processes of tissue regeneration and immunity.


The aromatherapy of the hive is saturated with propolis, waxy scents and plant substances called phytoncides (substances with antimicrobial properties released by plants into the environment). For these reasons, hive therapy is a very effective way to boost immunity. Odours from the hive spreads into the room through the small holes. Therefore, the person can smell honey, bee pitch, wax, and pollen extracts.

The vibrations caused by the bees – like a massage

While lying down, you are exposed to the vibrations caused by the bees, which are the same as human vibrations. When our bio field energy is disturbed, we feel mentally and physically exhausted and we need to figure it out. It is a specific vibration and heat massage filled with aromatherapy emitted by bees, according to which the nervous system, which suffers from constant stress, the human bio field and blood circulation are restored. According to Ukrainian data, this therapy helps regulate the heart rhythm and is very useful for men with a prostate problems. This procedure is useful for people with breathing disorders, asthma.

Prolonged stress causes imbalance of the body and immune diseases.

The recommended duration of a session is one hour, but after half an hour the person feels the effect of vibrations and heat. There is about 35-36 degrees of heat in the hive during the time of procedure. Even if you put your hand on the wooden bed boards, you can feel the warmth of the hive. It is also transmitted to humans. Lying over the buzzing bees also improves the nervous system and has a calming effect. Such therapies are especially beneficial for people suffering from depression, as well as those with sleep disorders. The human nervous system rests and recovers during the night time, muscles and other organs recover, but while experiencing prolonged stress the body becomes unbalanced and not resistant to diseases. In this situation bee therapy will be useful if you feel tired. This method of therapy activates the recovery process of the body, and the body recovers much faster. Like all therapies, it should be repeated depending on human needs. Ukrainian recommendations claims that a person with any problems should do up to ten sessions of about an hour. Similar to a normal massage. Bee therapy sessions can be done for five days, two hours a day.

You can enjoy this relaxation from early May to late September until the bees are ready for the winter.


  • Weak immune system;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Nervous system disorders;
  • High / low blood pressure;
  • Stress;

Can pollen cause allergies?

It is important to know that pollen collected by bees is called entomophiles. They fifer in their chemical composition and biological action, from the anemophilic pollen carried by the wind to fields and meadows. Anemophilic pollen that can enter the airways, can cause allergies for some individuals, especially polinosis (hay fever). Meanwhile, no such effect has been observed with entomophilic pollen, which are transferred from plant to plant by bees. However, if the person is sensitive to pollen from plants, it cannot be guaranteed that pollen from bees will not cause allergies.

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